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Eternal Daydreamer
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Hello and welcome to my page! I am a writer who has just started to dabble in photography! Writing is, and always will be, my first love, though, and in my gallery you can find a large selection of short stories and poems, with a smattering of non-fiction thrown in for good measure. You can also find my photos here, too!

I have a huge passion for books and I spend my days reading, browsing the library for new books to read or the local bookstores. I live in Tewkesbury, which is a lovely place for books with some quaint, independent bookstores and charity bookstores! So I'm in seventh heaven living here.

I also volunteer, part-time, at a local charity bookshop in Tewkesbury called Bookworm! I sort through the donated books and determine their quality as we only sell good quality books. Then I price them up, categorize and shelf them and man the till! It's a great gig for someone who loves books; as I do!

I run a book review blog over at Wordpress where I review the best, the worst and the "just okay" books as I read them. Follow the link and be sure to hit "Follow" to be kept up to date with latest blog posts: alifelivedthroughbooks.wordpre…
I live with my partner, we just bought a house together, and we're planning on getting a cat next year.

I help run the groups Glory-Be-Project, TheTitlePage and CRPhotography!

So have a browse around my page and feel free to send me a :note: if you want to say hi!

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Stuff I do Around dA

:bulletgreen: I submit brilliant pieces of photography for the following categories over at CRPhotography - Horror and Macabre, Fireworks, Abstract and Surreal. Feel free to shoot me a :note: if you have any suggestions!

:bulletorange:Help run the groups Glory-Be-Project, TheTitlePage and CRPhotography

:bulletgreen:Write poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

:bulletorange:Critique prose, poetry, and photography.

:bulletgreen: News articles, journals and contests.

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Ohmygosh I haven't updated my journal in forever. 

Things have been a bit rough, actually. My mood's been way down again. 4 weeks ago tomorrow I took an overdose of sleeping tablets and ended up in the hospital. It's surreal, actually, because I remember taking the pills then thinking "sh*t, what have I done?" and so going next door to my neighbours and then going into hospital the next town over. But I can't really remember what happened at the hospital. Must have been heavily sedated by the sleeping tablets! 
Apparently at one point I ran off. Sounds like me! I hate hospitals >.< And I vaguely remember a nurse having to take blood from my hand because there were no obvious veins in my arms. And a young doctor asking me lots of questions about my mental health. But they let me go just after midnight and, apparently, we got a McDonald's on the way home then I crashed into bed and slept for about 24 hours. No kidding. Straight through. Maybe one toilet break. I was BLOTTO. 
I succeeded in what I was really aiming for though; to get out of my head for a little while, to be NUMB. To not think about any f*cking thing else. And I didn't for nearly 24 hours. Bliss. 
But I won't be doing it again. At least not for a while. The memory loss scared me, really shook me up. Even now, when I think back to it, it freaks me out that I can't remember that night or much of the next day. 

So my mood's low. Not having a job isn't helping, but I know something will come along soon. And not having any friends locally sucks too. Although I've started going to church recently and I've made a few friends there, which is nice. I try to believe in God and be as good a Christian as I can be but don't know. My faith ebbs and flows, I guess. 

I'm reading, a lot. It's lovely weather here in the UK; glorious sunshine and high temps. Summer has arrived! So I'm taking the opportunity to sit out in the back garden under the parasol and look out on the lovely flower garden I planted whilst I read. It really does boost your mood, even if for a little while. 

And I'm losing weight. Like, a lot of weight! It's so visible that my grandaddy noticed, and that's never happened before! I'm eating lighter meals because of the heat, cut out snacking and I've been exercising (even in this heat!): walking or cycling a couple of miles a day. And the weight is just dropping off me. I'm waiting for the plateau though, because I know the time will come when I'll have to work harder or eat less (if that's physically possible!) to keep it coming off. I'm so close to fitting into my aunt's size 16 jeans! The day when I finally can will be a great day. My mood feels better for the exercise and the weight loss too. I am finally starting to feel confident in my own skin and believe, some days but not every day yet, that I am beautiful. 

So that's my news. Not much of a news, but it's not all doom and gloom so that's good I suppose! 

How are all of you? :heart: 

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